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Our commitment to keeping your data safe

We will only ever contact you with relevant information about the clinic, e.g. upcoming appointments and clinic information updates, via the mobile number you provided when you gave consent and originally opted in to receive text correspondence. We never take email address from patients, so you will never receive an email from us unsolicited, unless you write to us and we respond.

Your data will not be shared or sent to any third party whatsoever and you can unsubscribe from text communication at any time by contacting us at and asking to be removed.

All the data you supply us is stored safely and securely on our password protected system and clinical information is further encrypted and backed up  by our specific clinical software programme. 

If you do not opt out and let us know your  preferences by 25th May 2018, you will continue to receive very occasional texts from us, maybe 1-2 a year unless you are having a course of treatment when you will receive appointment time reminders.

We value your right to update your preferences at any time. You can also contact us via email if you have any queries about your personal data or any problems unsubscribing.